Willy Porter


Sunday December 3 at 7pm

Some folks are lucky to find what they love to do at an early age and quietly settle in for the long haul expanding and developing their work over the arc of a lifetime. Willy Porter is one of those artists. He has followed his own path to explore the sacred language that music truly is. 30 years after his solo recording debut, he continues to reach further into his guitar & pen while stretching the form of what his own music can be. He’s currently working on his 13th album for release in 2023.

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About Willy Porter

Embark on a transformative journey spanning over two decades with Willy Porter, a captivating multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Weaving a universal perspective on the human experience, Porter’s music encapsulates the questions, struggles, and triumphs of life. His live performances exude a powerful blend of guitar-driven energy, soulful introspection, and masterful fretwork that electrifies and resonates deeply.

Beginning his musical voyage in the late ’80s in Madison, Wisconsin, Porter’s self-taught talent quickly captivated audiences. Since his debut album “The Trees Have Soul” in 1990, his touring life has taken him across continents, sharing stages with luminaries such as Tori Amos, Paul Simon, and Sting. His breakthrough album “Dog Eared Dream” in 1994 introduced his song “Angry Words” to the AAA radio landscape, while subsequent label shifts eventually led to the creation of his imprint, Weasel Records.

From atmospheric albums like “Available Light” (2006) to the Americana-infused “How to Rob a Bank” (2009) and the soulful “Human Kindness” (2015), Porter’s sonic evolution shines. Collaborating with fellow artists, including Carmen Nickerson, resulted in the mesmerizing co-written collection “Bonfire to Ash” (2016), produced by Grammy winner Ben Wisch. This album delves into the intimate and universal, exploring themes of love, loss, connection, and our responsibility to the world around us.

Beyond music, Porter’s impact extends into philanthropy. He actively supports Advocates of Ozaukee, aiding victims of domestic violence and abuse. His annual benefit concerts have raised significant funds for this cause, showcasing his commitment to positive change. Additionally, as an Ambassador for Guitars for Vets, Porter contributes to improving veterans’ lives through the healing power of music.

Residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his family, Willy Porter’s artistic odyssey continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and communities alike.

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