We work hard to bring a wide variety of talent to enrich our community

I’d like to express our deep gratitude to NAMBA for hosting our Community Research Forum on January 31, 2020. Having this type of resource centrally located in Downtown Ventura is a huge boon to our community. It is an ideal space for meetings, presentations, and art shows of all kinds. The staff was very hospitable and accommodated our every need. We are greatly looking forward to working with NAMBA again in the future.

Leila Thayer

Alzheimer’s Association-Central Coast Chapter

Namba has been absolutely essential to the growth of my dance school. The atmosphere of community and family that they have cultivated has made it easy to build classes that share the same values. My adult customers feel comfortable and welcomed, while my school age students are always super happy to be there. NAMBA has been a creative leader in Ventura showcasing amazing talent from around the world and from our own county. It has been such a pleasure to partner with a creative space that truly understands the arts. I am so grateful for the insight, generosity, and creativity that NAMBA encourages and inspires in others.

Eboni Hayes

Rivers Dance Arts

NAMBA’s mission is to bring cultural education and entertainment to the community, and they have chosen several of our artists for that reason; that they represent more than just the traditional music of their heritage and culture, but also the joy in presenting and upholding their traditions to all audiences.

NAMBA also strives to give artists a good experience and room in which to celebrate their traditions with the audience, which in turn helps educate the community to the roots of their own traditions and gives more meaning as to how their experience in America has been shaped. The venue itself creates an up close and more meaningful personal experience for artists and audience.

S. Miki Nelson

Owner, Celtinental Music

Namba Performing Arts Space provides a critical community space for music, drama and dance — a much needed platform for local talent and a weigh station for regional and national artists to show off their stuff.

Charles Levin

Artist Manager, Dreamland Featuring Kimberly Ford – A Celebration of Joni Mitchell

If Namba didn’t exist in Ventura we would have to invent it. A performance studio that provides so many multidisciplinary groups the opportunity to have classes and shows without the onus of renting their own space is absolutely essential to the artistic community. We should all be grateful for Namba!

Gary Best

Artistic Director/Ventura Improv Company

With Ventura’s limited performance venues, Unity Theatre Collective feels so grateful to NAMBA for taking a chance on us, as a brand-new theatre company. They have given us the support we needed to grow and partner with us on our mission to provide performances for every person. From our sold-out ‘Grease Sing Along’ to performances of classic plays, they have been there with us every step of the way. We want to thank everyone at NAMBA for their support and can’t wait to collaborate with them again.

Laura Covault

Unity Theatre Collective