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Ventura’s Quirky Story with Richard Senate

August 3, 2018 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm 47 South Oak Street, Ventura, CA

For 22 years Mr. Richard Senate worked in Ventura as historian and site director of her museums. As a historian he studied into the story of this unique beachside community–both the good but also scandalous side of the town not featured in the official records printed for the tourists.  It is the story of a wacky place with colorful people, a place that reflects the story of the Golden West. This talk will feature some you may know, and some you have never heard about–and their contributions to our community.  Such as local lawyer Erle Stanley Gardner, who used legal tricks to keep his clients out of jail and used these stories for his fictional lawyer (based very loosely on himself) Perry Mason. Business man Sing Kee, who operated the “American Café” that served Chop Suey  and how he was instrumental in setting up the Chinese fire company that saved many building all over the town, Rancher Fernando Tico, who owned all of the Ojai Valley but lived in Ventura (It was too hot in Ojai) he even was elected mayor of Ventura.   It will talk about Movies made in Ventura (starting in 1910) and historic events that happened here, such as the burning of the world’s first oil tanker at our pier, and the great earthquake and tsunami that almost destroyed the Old Mission,  And the great rain storm that took an estimated 90 buildings and carved a 15 foot ditch down Main Street.  People like Mrs. Teodora Olivas, who had 21 children, Candalaria Valenzuela who did so much to preserve the traditions of her Chumash People and Dr. Cephas Bard who was the most beloved man in town who was scandalously divorced.   It will be a fascinating look at Ventura and her creative inhabitants.   You will come away with a new opinion of this colorful town’s past and present!

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