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The Nutcracker

December 14, 2019 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm 47 South Oak Street, Ventura, CA

Namba presents another twisted version of “The Nutcracker”!


As is Namba’s Holiday tradition of offering exciting variations on the Christmas Classic, “The Nutcracker”, 2019 follows the earlier Namba offering from Aloft Dancetheatre’s “Clara Cries Nuts” performances with a fresh interpretation from Megill & Co.

Founded by sisters Beth Megill and Heather Reba in 2002, Megill and Company or “MeCo” has produced seven fully staged musical theater productions and eight dance productions and taken part in the Rogue Festival (Fresno, CA), the Fringe Festival (Hollywood, CA), the MixMatch Festival (Santa Monica, CA), ArtBark (Santa Barbara, CA) and performed in Puebla, Mexico with the small contemporary dance company Quinto Elemento.

September 2019’s performance of “In The Bag” from MeCo was well choreographed, superbly executed, wildly clever and a downright hilarious dance production. It’s easy to presume the MeCo’s “The Nutcracker” will not fail to deliver an amazing performance full of xmas cheer!

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