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Megill & Company “In The Bag” (9/7)

September 7, 2019 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm 47 South Oak Street, Ventura, CA

Namba presents Megill and Company “In the Bag”

Dance. Theatre. Movement. Madness. Megill & Company has got this one in the bag! Or, perhaps they’re just carrying a lot of baggage. You get to decide. Prepare yourself for dance fun as this local dance troupe charms the audience with their sense of rhythm, joy and humanity. This is the dance show you can bring your friends to with confidence. Great for young and old, In the Bag highlights the hilarity and humility of human nature. Full of great dance, great music, great stories and great laughs, A treasure of Ventura County, MeCo is a one-of-a-kind dance group that brings fresh takes on life and living in their rhythm-based modern-jazz-tap fusion. Featuring a company of locally trained dancers alongside choreographer and artistic visionary Beth Megill, Megill & Company is one of the premier professional dance companies in the region, which is as accessible and fun as it is impressive.

What Audiences and Reviewers say about Megill & Company:

“Uplifting and unpretentious.”

“An absolute joy to watch. . . It had me LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF.”

“The energy of these dancers is infectious.”

“Wonderful dancing, fascinating choreography.”

“Change your schedule if you need to, this show is worth 55 minutes of your time.”

“Pure dance craziness.”

MeCo Performance Tip: Bring a friend. They will thank you!

More about Beth Megill and MeCo

Beth Megill is the Co-Artistic director of Megill & Company (www.megillandcompany.org) with her sister Heather Megill Reba. She teaches full time at Moorpark College in Ventura County, specializing in modern, jazz, tap, choreography, improvisation dance notation through functional dance literacy. Her mission is to create engaging, audience-friendly dance works, that bring people together in community through joy and movement. Megill playfully poses questions of humanity in masterfully constructed dance-theater works that get you chuckling, crying and grooving to the beat while inviting you to believe in yourself and each other once again.

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