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Jodi Farrell’s Performance Workshop III

March 9, 2019 11:00 am - 3:00 pm 47 South Oak Street Ventura, CA 93001

Jodi Farrell returns to Namba for another “Performance Workshop”!

Don’t let the title fool you, this is a Trial by Fire for Ventura’s finest new entertainers.  Do they have what it takes to enchant an audience… namely you?

Jodi Farrell’s Music Studio has been an place of inspiration and joy for many Ventura County residents for years. Jodi is showcasing her brightest talent during the Jodi Farrell’s Performance Workshop on Saturday, March 9 from 11am-3pm at the Namba Performing Arts Space.

Some of the important skills that are acquired during these workshops include the following:

  • The ability to communicate with the audience through delivery, body awareness, and stage presence
  • The proper use of a mic and other pertinent equipment on stage
  • Effective ways to communicate with accompanying musicians and sound/lighting technicians
  • The ability to overcome stage fright
  • Stage etiquette

By practicing these skills ahead of time, the performer becomes confident in his or her ability to perform even in professional environments. The focus then can be on the artistry of the music.

$10 to witness emerging vocalists, pianist and guitarists leave it all on the Namba stage in front of a live audience!
$25 to participate in this workshop on how to perform… in front of a live studio audience!

For further info contact Jodi at: jodifarrellsmusicstudio@gmail.com

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