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Jodi Farrell’s Performance Workshop II

January 26, 2019 11:00 am - 2:00 pm 47 South Oak Street, Ventura, CA

Namba keeps 2019 focused on local talent in partnership with Jodi Farrell for another “Performance Workshop”!

Don’t let the title fool you, this is a Trial by Fire for Ventura’s finest new entertainers.  Do they have what it takes to enchant an audience… namely you?

Jodi Farrell’s Music Studio has been an place of inspiration and joy for many Ventura County residents for years. Jodi is showcasing her brightest talent during the Jodi Farrell’s Performance Workshop on Saturday, January 26th 11am-2pm at the Namba Performing Arts Space.

Some of the important skills that are acquired during these workshops include the following:
  • The ability to communicate with the audience through delivery, body awareness, and stage presence
  • The proper use of a mic and other pertinent equipment on stage
  •  Effective ways to communicate with accompanying musicians and sound/lighting technicians
  • The ability to overcome stage fright
  • Stage etiquette
By practicing these skills ahead of time, the performer becomes confident in his or her ability to perform even in professional environments. The focus then can be on the artistry of the music.
  • $10 to witness emerging vocalists, pianist and guitarists leave it all on the Namba stage in front of a live audience!
  • $25 to participate in this workshop on how to perform… in front of a live studio audience!

For further info contact Jodi at:  jodifarrellsmusicstudio@gmail.com

Jodi Farrell has been a music instructor here in Ventura for the past 24 years. She teaches music lessons in voice, guitar, and piano to both beginners and experienced performers at her private studio in midtown Ventura located at 1926 E. Main St. Ventura CA 93001.

Aside from private music lessons, Jodi also spent 11 years teaching an evening vocal performance class at Ventura County’s Community College. As a member of National Association of Teachers of Singers, she has participated as an adjudicator for many of their performance competitions. Jodi also offers monthly Performance Workshops here in Ventura.

Jodi has received the honored title and award of “Best Music Teacher in Ventura County” from the VC Reporter poll 2010 & 2011, and has remained in the top 3 each year since. In 2016, Jodi received the Mayor’s Arts Award for Arts Educator in Ventura County. Her students have achieved recognition and awards for their participation in local competitions, such as the Spotlight Awards and National High School Musical Theatre Awards. Jodi even has students performing in international touring bands and a few alumni on the great stages of Broadway.

The most valuable asset Jodi brings to her students is the fact that she herself is also a professional performer. Jodi is a long time solo singer songwriter. She fronted a blues, R&B band, The Front Street Prophets and a trio band, TreCoustics, a local Ventura County acoustic rock band that offered beautiful 3 part harmonies while playing both originals and classic covers for many years. Currently, Jodi works with Jim Rankin as a duo group, playing bass and guitar and singing. Jodi has performed internationally in Taiwan at their yearly memorial music concert at Taiwan University. Jodi is always looking for new and exciting performance and teaching opportunities!
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