Grupo Bella


Saturday October 12th  8pm  $20



Grupo Bella brings Powerful Women presenting Powerful Dance to Namba on Saturday October 12th at 8pm!

Grupo Bella is an all female multi-faceted group from the Los Angeles area that uses Mariachi instrumentation to perform many different styles of music adding a modern twist to Mariachi music while still preserving it’s essence. Grupo Bella offers a wide repertoire of music, everything from traditional mariachi, boleros,son Jarocho,huasteco, Mexican pop, e few American Classics, tropical music, salsa, cumbias and much more! All of the women in Grupo Bella have studied Music in prestigious universities and have also worked on Grammy Nominated/wining albums. Grupo Bella with their unique style, custom made traditional dresses, and beautiful harmonies will make your Namba event extra special!

Here is Grupo Bella performing “Yo Creo que es Tiempo”