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Being Richard Greene

September 24, 2022 7:00 pm - October 24, 2022 9:00 pm 47 South Oak Street Ventura, CA 93001

Saturday September 24 at 7pm

In “Being Richard Greene,” we follow the brilliant Lynne Jassem as she navigates her life from toddler to present day, with the fabulous use of her quite fantastic tap dancing. As her story unfolds, she tries to find herself as a girl as a boy as a man as a woman and as lesbian and finally, it seems, as a human being. What a journey! From her earliest memories growing up in Queens, knowing she was different as a small child, innocently wishing she was a boy, resenting the stereotypical boxes we are all expected to remain in, fighting back, quite literally sometimes, trying to understand how to be herself as she wished for a penis of her own.

Lynne Jassem is a native New Yorker who broke into show business at the age of ten on the Perry Como TV show, later performing on the famous “Borscht Belt” circuit and on the TV soap opera: “Edge of Night”.

As an adult she toured with the Claude Kipnis Mime Theatre playing the White House, Boston Pops, Kennedy and Lincoln Centers, later forming her own company, Manhattan Mime Theatre.
Lynne was one of the five founding members of the American Tap Dance Orchestra, dancing on PBS with Gregory Hines and Tommy Tune. Lynne Started her own tap company in San Francisco in 1998…Foot Frenzy. She went on to develop her solo performance career with her shows Tapestry, “Billy” and “Rhythm Anonymous ”and “From Como to Homo “playing in the USA and Germany, where She Taught Tap and Mime as well as performing.

Lynne won “Best of Fringe” in San Francisco in 2015, and was a 5-star hit in Edinburgh in 2016. Lynne has performed in LAWTF in 2017 with her show From Como to Homo. Lynne has also premiered her show “Tapping My Way To The Nuthouse” which premiered in The Lounge Theatre in L.A, in 2019.

And Now… Being Richard Greene will be featured at NAMBA Performing Arts Space on March 19th .

But first a Lynn will teach a top notch mime workshop on March 17 at 6 pm for all ages at NAMBA, 47 S. Oak St., in Ventura’s Historic Downtown.