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Namba Performing Arts Space is a 501c3 created with the vision and generosity of Julia Campbell (1936 – 2022) and her husband Ben Namba (1930 – 2020)  The Theatre/Lab Space thrives with input, outreach and financial support from our Community and Performing Arts supporters everywhere. Please join us in supporting a Theatre where performing artists, their teachers, mentors, and their fans can gather to learn, work out and reveal their stories and emotions through the lens of Theatre, Dance and Music.

Program Partners

Ventura Improv

Flamenco 805

Unity Theatre Collective

Henry Stewart, The Listening Room

Henry Stewart, Songwriter’s Workshops

Hollywood Fringe Festival

Aaron Burch Studio

Grant funding provided by

California Arts Council

California Venues Grant (2023)

Barbara Barnard Smith World Music in Collaboration with JACL

Smith-Hobson Foundation Fund (2021 – 2023)

City of Ventura Cultural Funding Grant Program (2021 – 2023)

Shuttered Venue Operators (Covid Closure)

Ventura County Behavioral Health Mini Grant (2023 – 2024)

California Arts Council
California Venues Grant
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Ventura County Behavioral Health

Our Founders: Ben Namba & Julia Campbell

Thank you to our Founders for their continuing and unwavering support.


Please sponsor our programming. You may sponsor a specific show, a genre (dance, music, theatre), a program (like Women’s Voices Festival), workshops, or even Theatre upgrades with a tax deductible donation. You may also Sponsor NAMBA by bringing and producing a show or workshop. Let us know where you would like your donation to serve.

Thank you to our many supporters from near and far. Your contributions mean the world to us!

Fiscal Sponsors

($1000 – $5000)

Elizabeth Ponce, Robotics

Roche Schulfer, Exec Dir. Goodman Theatre Chicago

Michael Boyko, Reardon Funeral Home

Susan Van Abel

Bruce Hanifan & Jan Aldrin

Fiscal Champions


Fiscal GOATs

Julia Campbell and Ben Namba
Laura C Campbell

Businesses Providing Support Services

Landeros Productuions

We are grateful recipients of their expertise.

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