People at Namba

Meet Namba’s Staff and Board


Lorenzo Destefano

Executive Director

Lorenzo DeStefano is a Ventura-based writer/director/producer for Film, Theater, and the Performing Arts.

“I’m very pleased to be joining this dynamic arts organization and look forward to expanding the Music, Theatre, Film, Educational & Community collaborations that will continue to deepen and enrich NAMBA’s profile as a key cultural resource on the Central Coast.”


Tamara Varney


Tamara served as Secretary to Namba BoD for one year before being elected to Chair the Board. She is a local independent stylist, as well as a solar energy specialist/sustainability advocate. Her art is music, both writing and performing.

Shannon Dalton


Shannon served on Namba’s BoD for just shy of a year before being elected Secretary. She is presently an undergraduate program coordinator at UCSB. She has been involved in the local performing arts scene, including technical stage crew, dance and acting for close to 20 years.

Juliana Ramirez


Juliana owns her own accounting business and has been a bookkeeper for over 20 years. She is also Chair of Finance at Ventura Echelon, Founding Member, Treasurer and Chair of Events at Latina Professional Alliance of SB, and volunteers at Score SB and Women Economic Ventures.

Suzanne Corridan Willerth


Served as Secretary for Namba from 2014-2018 and was a founding member of Aloft Dancetheatre Inc. She’s an Emmy award winner for Special effects make-up and businesswoman in Ventura.

Janine Ames


An original founding member and served as Namba’s President for most of 2019. She is a local businesswoman in Ojai.

Dina Pielaet


Local businesswoman who co-owns a marketing communications and production firm in Ventura.

Dawn Golden


Served as Treasurer for Namba BoD from 2014-2018 and concurrently serves as Treasurer for Help of Ojai, Inc. as well as Las Patrones.

Past Presidents

Pamela Pilkenton, Cathy Jean Butter and Janine Ames

Past Secretaries

Pamela Oster, Suzanne Corridan Willerth and Tamara Varney

Past Treasurer

Dawn Golden