Harpdog Brown and the Uptown Blues Band


Sunday, November 15 at 7:30pm

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Harpdog Brown has grown a reputation as a real-deal purveyor of classic electric blues. His new band delivers a vintage New Orleans Blues vibe that’s sure to move you! They perform mostly originals yet they often include great songs of the masters from that era. Think Louis Jordan, Satchmo, Sonny Boy Williamson, Wynonie Harris, even Duke Ellington. Audiences are raving about this new show! He’s been called a Blues Evangelist, and that’s a very fitting moniker. “I speak the blues like it’s the truth, and it is”, he was recently quoted. “I do feel like I’m a servant of the people. A missionary if you will. Music can heal people if they pay attention to the messages in these songs.”


“For Love & Money” Official Music Video

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General Admission, Seniors, Students