GREASE! Sing-a-long


Friday January 24  8pm

Unity Theater Collective returns to Namba with another wonderful, diverse and hilarious performance where the audience are the real stars of the show! It’s a “GREASE” Sing-a-long!

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Namba knows the word… “GREASE” is the Word!

Grease was the word when this movie came out in 1978, and the word is still alive and well today, as evidenced by the movie’s ever-growing legion of fans. In fact, it’s the most profitable movie musical of all time, whose biggest hit, “Summer Nights,” remains a standard at weddings, karaoke parties, and dances.

This movie covers quintessential high school moments: the big pep rally, the school dance, worrying about image, and, of course, falling in love. Though viewers shouldn’t expect a highly accurate portrayal of life in the 1950s, the relationships among characters will feel like familiar emotional ground to many viewers. When it comes to an entertaining mix of singing, dancing, and comedy, GREASE — which won a People’s Choice Award — is hard to beat.

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The Unity Theatre Collective strives to provide an open door for every person to experience performance pieces that promote social change and inspire insight and empathy.