Franck Goldwasser


Saturday, February 4 at 7pm

Franck L. Goldwasser is a French blues singer and guitarist who has spent most of his life in the United States. An art student, Franck abandoned his ambitions of becoming a painter and moved to California in 1983 to pursue his dream of playing with his idols and become a legitimate blues artist in his own right. Recognized by peers and aficionados alike as a major player in his field, Goldwasser has played on over one hundred albums by other blues artists and released a dozen under his own name.

Franck Goldwasser’s new album “Who Needs This Mess??!!”, recorded in Ventura, is due out for release in February 2023 on the prestigious German label Crosscut.

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Having recently moved back to his home town of Paris, France, Franck makes regular trips back to the US to perform, record and visit friends. While still performing in a variety of orchestrated and electrified contexts, Franck has as of late concentrated on performing as a solo artist on both acoustic and electric guitars. Iconic blues stylists of the pre-war era such as Robert Johnson, Tampa Red or Big Joe Williams have made an obvious and profound impact on Franck’s approach; however, he does not shy away from his contemporary Chicago, West Coast and Texas blues influences, adapting material commonly heard performed by full ensembles to a situation that often finds him playing the lead, rhythm and lead parts simultaneously. If economics and an unfortunate lack of opportunities for bands to find employment these days are obvious considerations, it is an artistic choice that inspires Franck to perform without accompanists. “Without other players to cover your back, you are under pressure, and tension and an increased level of intimacy with the audience occur; the other thing is that when you play solo, you are free to open things up and let the music go to wherever it wants to—without concerning yourself with whether or not the other guys are going to follow you”, he explains. “Playing solo has been more gratifying to me lately than playing with a band — plus I get a kick out of being able to pull off a gig without any outside help”.

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