Facility Tour

Take a virtual tour of the facilities available at Namba Performing Arts Space!

Hit the play button below to start your tour. Once you are inside, click your cursor and drag across the image below, or click the circles that appear on the floor, or use the up-down-left-right buttons on your keyboard to float effortlessly around as you control your own private tour of the space. See the layout, admire the amenities, hear the music, feel rejuvenated, absorb the energy and join the loyal, enthusiastic supporters of art in historic downtown Ventura.


NAMBA provides house lighting hung from a full grid, audio/PA equipment, drapery, video projection and portable chairs as part of our service. Any technical requirements beyond these provided— special lighting, sound effects, scenic elements, and drops, etc. — must be arranged in advance with the Namba management. All scenic elements and drapery used must be flame proofed.

Strobe lights, atmospheric effects, or unusually loud sound effects require that warnings be posted. Open flames, including hand held candles, live explosives, firearms, and lasers are not permitted. Our fire code requires that no cables, tripods, equipment, event participants or attendees, or any obstructions of any kind may obstruct audience seating areas, aisles, fire exits, hallways, entrances, or lobby doors.
All cables must be taped down and marked clearly.

NAMBA’s facilities must be returned to their original condition. The stage floor, dance marley, and walls may not be painted, drilled, nailed, or stapled. Dancers must wear appropriate footwear on the marley dance floor. Only water is permitted in the main studio area. Food and drink are allowed in the lobby area, green room, gallery and the patio.

Technical Specs

Any damage to the facility caused by the negligence of the renter, or their patrons, will result in the tenant being billed for all repairs and expenses incurred. Any alterations or rearrangement of NAMBA equipment must be authorized by the Namba management.


  • Air Conditioned
  • 1000sf Stage
  • Marley Dance Floor approx. 800sf
  • Maximum Seated Audience Capacity of 80
  • One wall with 40′ mirrors or Sheer Curtains
  • Chairs in Rows, in the Round, Half-Round or ¾ Round settings
  • Box office, Green Room with Dressing room, and Gallery for drinks-snacks.
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • ADA Compliant Ramp Access and Doorways
  • Security Cameras throughout


  • Pay parking on So. Oak Street ( .75¢ per hour )
  • Four Hour FREE Parking, across street from NAMBA
  • Two Hour FREE Parking on Santa Clara Street
  • All Day FREE Parking on So. Oak Street, south of Santa Clara Street


  • Kawai KG-2D Grand Piano
  • 16 channel Yamaha MG16XU Audio Mixer
  • 5 channel Mackie Audio Mixer
  • 1 Mackie Monitor
  • 4 DFX 5000 HD Speakers
  • Sony 5 disc CD changer
  • 4 wireless microphones (2 Lavs, 2 handheld)
  • 2 Piano Mics
  • 2 Sennheiser
  • 3 Shure 58 vocal mics
  • 3 Sure 57 instrument mics
  • 4 boom stands
  • 3 straight stands
  • 2 low amp stands


  • Smartfade lighting Board (96 Channels)
  • 18 4 color LEDS (RGBW) hung on Grid
  • 1 Chauvet TFX-FS360 Followspot mounted on Stand


  • 1 Ben-q HD Projector and retractable screen

To reserve your time at NAMBA, please contact Chair of the Board of Directors, Tamara Varney at


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