Stand Up Comedy Workshop

The Stand Up Comedy Workshop is designed for anyone who enjoys the art form and loves to laugh at comedians – and might be curious to try Stand Up. Need to overcome the fear of standing before a crowd for public or corporate speaking? Think you’re funny? Been told you’re hilarious? This workshop will help you understand the fundamentals to organize yourself before your grab the microphone.

Four 2 hour sessions $80.

Session One: Learn the mechanics of stand-up. Lighting/Sound cues, blocking, stage presence, audience engagement. Homework- adapt a personal story from your life into a 3 minute version for stage 

Session Two: Perform story in front of workshop. Receive peer critique and feedback. Incorporate feedback. Perform story again. Homework- adapt story to fit needs of a venue (ie clean, 3.5 minutes, etc)

Session Three: Repeat format of previous session with new material to enforce the fundamentals. 

Session Four: Participate in a “graduation” performance or dress rehearsal stand up act. 

Got questions? email [email protected]