Rivers Dance Arts

Rivers Dance Arts with Eboni Morrow Payne.
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Class Descriptions

Joy Art 1, 2, & 3

Our faith based beginning dance class for younger dancers. This high energy class combines the basics of classical ballet and modern dance to teach musicality, balance, and to improve flexibility all while having fun.  This class will fully engage younger minds with upbeat music, interactive activities and Bible lessons to fully introduce them to dancing with and for God. 

Joy Art 1: 3-5 years of age / Joy Art 2: 5-8 years of age / Joy Art 3: 9-12 years of age


At Rivers Dance Arts, our ballet curriculum embraces traditional ballet principles and incorporates elements of the French, Italian and Russian training systems. We work hard to emphasize correct placement in order to prevent injury. These methods help to provide a healthy and enjoyable learning environment and allow the students to experience a feeling of mastery in each level.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and will maximize technique and longevity in a career of dance. It provides grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in all other areas of dance. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence. 

Ballet 1

Students will further their education in the elementary exercises of ballet used for mastering the placement of the body, the legs, the arms, and the head.  Proper deportment of steps is introduced with emphasis on body position and strength building. Barre work is introduced and center work focuses on basic steps and movement across the floor.   Pre-requisite: 1 year of Joy Art 3 or Instructor Permission

Ballet 2

In Ballet 2, students continue to learn more ballet terminology while barre work is expanded to focus more on the proper extension of the legs, shape of the feet, developing movement sequences, port de bras and balance. Students will see an increase in difficulty in barre and center work where more jumping and turning steps will be introduced. 1 class a week/ 2 classes a week is highly recommended. Pre-requisite:  1 full year of ballet training.

Ballet 3

Ballet 3 students, after having completed Ballet 2 work, will progress in their knowledge already gained by increasing the difficulty of barre and center exercises. Executing clean turns and bigger jumps will be perfected.  2 classes a week required.  Instructor permission required to enroll in this class.

Ballet 4

Ballet 4 students, after having completed Ballet 3 work, will progress in their knowledge already gained by increasing the difficulty of barre and center exercises.  Extra attention will be given on the strengthening of the core and feet in preparation for pointe work.  2+ classes a week required. Instructor permission required to enroll in this class.


Rivers Dance Arts’ Horton technique based class combines the expressiveness of contemporary dance with the strength and agility modern dance technique offers. This style of dance is athletic while allowing great opportunities for self-expression in worship through the movement. This class is designed to build strength, control, flexibility, agility and range of motion in the joints. 

Modern/ Contemporary 1

This class explores the contemporary style with introductory Horton level technique. We will focus on interpreting music and choreography with emotion. Students will work on their ability to pick up stylized choreography and movements.

Modern/ Contemporary 2

This level uses more intricate movement and incorporates more technical Horton techniques to achieve the choreography. Students should show proficiency in level I before moving up to level II. Instructor permission required to enroll in this class.