Tahitian Dance with Kayla Chey

NAMBA is proud to feature Tahitian Dance workshops taught by Kayla Ancheta Chey, founder of international competing group Te Varua Or. Kayla began dancing at the very early age of 5, She has performed, toured and competed with well known groups such as Nonosina, Keali’i O Nalani, Hitia O Te Ra and Tihati Productions. In 2001 she joined Nonosina in Tahiti, as they made the groundbreaking exhibition at the famed stage of To’ata as the first non Tahitian dance group to perform at the Heiva I Tahiti; winning a television award as the most watched show of the year. Her talent and abilities enable her to tour the nation, giving back to the community by educating them on Polynesian cultural arts and its history.

Monday November 15 – Aparima Workshop 5:30 – 7 pm $25

Kayla teaches traditional choreography to a modern song.  Must have dance background.

Thursday November 18 – Fa’arapu Training 7 – 8 pm $25

In time for the holidays, Kayla will be drilling the most celebrated move in Ori Tahiti 0 the fa’arapu.  This is a high cardio workout perfect before the holidays.  Appropriate for all levels including those who have never danced Tahitian before.