Belly Dance

 with Paulina Carey

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30 pm, $100 for 6 weeks; $20 Drop-In

For more than twenty years, Paulina has mesmerized audiences globally with her distinctive and captivating style of Middle Eastern Dance. Beyond the artistry of movement itself lies the profound sense of community fostered by dance—a vibrant force that nurtures this beautiful journey.

Paulina’s philosophy is one where Dance serves as a catalyst, a boundless vessel through which magic is woven, a joyous gathering that transcends boundaries and unites souls. Join us & become a vital part of this enchanting tapestry.

Paulina’s journey in Middle Eastern Dance began with the UCSB Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble, & extended beyond for many years in & around the Country. Continuously evolving, drawing from a rich tapestry of influences—from the traditional folkloric dances of the Middle East to the foundations & fusions of traditional dance forms and various Styles of Middle Eastern Dance—her journey has birthed a unique fusion of Raqs Sharki, a testament to her expansive dance history & the joyful Journey.  Read more at