Ballet with Colleen

Adult ballet class – All levels welcome.

Class begins with the Zena Rommet Floor Barre technique designed to help the dancer find correct alignment, length and core strength to enjoy the grace of moving. $20 per class.

For questions and reservations contact Colleen directly.

Colleen O’Callaghan

(805) 746-4826

Colleen O’Callaghan has been in the world of movement for her entire life. Most notably, she danced with American Ballet Theatre under the direction of Lucia Chase and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

She trained on scholarship with the schools of the Louisville Ballet, the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Joffrey Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre. Before joining American Ballet Theatre’s main company, she danced with ABT’s Ballet Repertory Company under the direction of Richard Englund and Gage Bush.

Ms. O’Callaghan received a Bachelor of University Studies degree from the University of Utah. She has been teaching ballet for over 30 years and has been a faculty member of the University of Utah, Ballet West, California State Long Beach, California Institute of the Arts, the Stanley Holden Dance Center, Westside School of Ballet, Louisville Ballet and many other nationally recognized schools. For over five years she was the classical dance director for the Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA). She was also a faculty member for the American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive programs and taught for the ABT II and for the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre in New York City.

She continues to teach for South Bay Ballet, California Dance Theater, and is a prominent member of Ballet Beyond Borders. She is also a certified Yoga, and more recently, floor barre instructor. She traveled to Italy in 2019 to study the Zena Romett technique.

Most recently, she is the founder and artistic director of O’Callaghan Moves, an entrepreneurial endeavor that seeks to honor the dancer within all of us. She lives with her husband in Ventura, California – her three children live in Santa Barbara, California and New York City, respectively.