Argentine Tango

Jeni Breen Teaches Argentine Tango Lessons!

Jeni Breen, a veteran performer and instructor of Argentine Tango, will be teaching an eight-week workshop this fall. Classes will be held once a week on Thursdays, starting October 12.

The workshop will feature two levels, an eight week beginners series from 6:30-8 pm for people with no previous experience with Argentine Tango (and no prior dance experience of any kind is required). Also, an eight-week intermediate class will be offered for those with experience in Argentine Tango afterward at 8 pm.

Tango is beautiful, accessible, creative. The vocabulary brings you in to the dance quickly and allows for individual inspiration and expression while also building a communal experience. Tango is not only as a gorgeous dance but a way to connect people in an activity that is fun and meaningful!

Jeni Breen has a professional Modern Dance background and has been involved in Argentine Tango as a dancer, performer, and teacher since 1995, when she was instrumental in co-founding the first program of study devoted to Argentine Tango in New York City.