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Exciting times are here as NAMBA TV, our new Premium Arts Channel, presents “IN PERFORMANCE LIVE 2020” — a Live Streaming Musical Variety Program hosted by Doc Ventura from NAMBA PERFORMING ARTS SPACE in Historic Downtown Ventura, California.



  • Delta By the Beach
  • earthimmigrant
  • Michael Henszey
  • “Rob Allen Trio” ft. Stan Middleton
  • Bill Cunliffe Trio with Ben Scholz & Rick Shaw

Tickets for this & all other “In Performance Live 2020” segments remain available online for 30 DAYS following the initial Live Stream

Oct 10

  • Delta By the Beach
  • Jayden Secor
  • Jason Bourne
  • Joe Henry III
  • Medicine Hat
  • Doc Ventura

Oct 24

  • Delta By the Beach
  • Sarah Walsh
  • Michael Henszey
  • Skabone Stan Trio
  • Bill Cunliffe Trio with Ben Scholz & Rick Shaw

Nov 7

  • Delta By the Beach
  • Kris Simeon
  • Richard Aufrichtig
  • Power2ThePeople
  • Aaron Burch Band
  • Fred Kaplan & Robert Kyle

Nov 21

  • Coming Soon

Dec 5

  • Doc the Halls: Holiday Blues

Dec 19

  • Coming Soon

Congratulations to DOC VENTURA & NAMBA TV / NAMBA PERFORMING ARTS SPACE for the October 10 premiere of “NAMBA IN PERFORMANCE LIVE 2020”.

Thanks to all the performers who generously donated their time & talents in support of NAMBA, and to our ace tech team of Fili Landeros & Gavin Ames for making it all run so smoothly.

We look forward to the next 5 Live Stream events (10/24, 11/7, 11/21, 12/5, 12/19) and hopefully continuing this great series featuring local & out-of-town musical guests in 2021.

— Lorenzo DeStefano, Executive Director

Exciting times are here as NAMBA Performing Arts Space & NAMBA TV, our new Premium Arts Channel, host an array of original Music, Theater, and Performance Videos that will remind people in a powerful way of what NAMBA continues to represent a place that puts the Arts out there front & center.

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Includes 5 Admissions to NAMBA Streaming or Live Events & 1 Free Introductory Dance Class



Includes 10 Admissions to NAMBA Streaming or Live Events & 2 Free Introductory Dance Classes

Julia Campbell Namba shares the compelling back story of how NAMBA Performing Arts Space came to be, as a legacy project by and for her late husband, Ben Namba (1930-2020).

Like Julia, Ben was a generous & longtime supporter of the arts in Ventura, California and elsewhere.